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Feed Plugin

The Feed plugin is designed to fetch an rss feed or an atom feed


  • url: url of the feed to be fetched
  • limit: maximum number of records to fetch
  • max-length: maximum length before it attempts to summarize. It will try to end on a newline or period
  • template: template for entry, default
      <li class="rss-item"><a href="{link}">{title}</a> - {description}<br/>{date}</li>

note: on atom feeds, description field is called {summary}

Example feed route

        type: feed
        subtype: rss
        max-length: 300
        limit: 10
        template: "<li class='rss-item' style='list-style-type:none;background-color:white;border:1px solid black;padding:5px;'><a href='{link}'>{title}</a> - {description}<br/>{date}</li>"