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Welcome to the open sitez documentation


Meant as an alternative to wordpress/ drupal, Open Sitez is a Content Management System meant to simplify publishing websites

More details about the License can be found here


  • Sites are defined through a primary config.osz
  • each site has a primary folder where all data resides
  • in each site:
    • a private subfolder which is not web accessible
    • folders for images,js,css folder serving images, js, css can be referenced in as { {$sitepath}} template variable
    • in each site there is a themes folder which hosts themes specific to that site
    • each site has a yaml definition file. By default, opensitez looks for a file called definition.osz but a different definition file can be specified in config.yaml so multiple web sites can share the same folder
    • Content can be either in HTML, Markdown, or Text. For Example, this documentation is pretty much a bunch of markdown files served by the folder plugin

Core Plugins

The initial release ships with the following plugins

  • Folder Plugin - Serve a bunch of files in a folder
  • Directory Plugin - hierchical web directory in a database
  • Blog Plugin - Your typical blog plugin, support multiple node types with custom fields for each
  • Feed Plugin - Include an RSS feed or an atom Feed
  • Form Plugin - Handle forms such as feedback or contact
  • Image Menu Plugin - Simple Image Menu Plugin for visual navigation which can also serve as a simple Image Gallery.
  • QR Code Plugin - Allows to embed a qrcode with a link to the current page
  • Menu Plugin - Provides the navigation menu on the top of the page
  • Social Share - Provides image navigation
  • qrcode - Provides image navigation
  • Page Plugin - basic page plugin allows to include blocks of various types